Albuquerque is blessed by a good number of high quality builders.  In the last eleven years as headmaster of Bosque School we have used four different firms for our last five construction phases.  Our most recent project was with Reid & Associates and our experience with them was truly excellent.  We intend to use them for our next project as well.  From the beginning of the planning states to well after we received our certificate of occupancy their work and their attention to client concerns has been exceptional.  No project has gone as well.

It is obvious that we judge builders by their ability to deliver a project on time, on budget, and with high quality.  Reid & Associates did all three perfectly, but clients want more from a builder.  First, we want to be sure that we have access to the top management.  Kyle Bodhaine, President, takes a personal interest in his company’s projects.  Kyle participated in most of the meetings we had during the design phase, and was able to forge an excellent relationship among builder, superintendent, architect, and owner.  Kyle was frequently on the job-site making sure that the project was being well managed, and was always available if we had question.  R&A provided an excellent superintendent, and everyone who works at Reid & Associates is not only very proficient at his/her job, but equally professional in the manner they interact with their client.

Kyle and his team reduced the usual tension that results from the owner who wants value engineering, the architect who wants to design the Taj Mohal, and the builder who wants to make a profit.  Reid & Associates understands and handles well these relationships and I believe helped us build a building for less money than we assumed.  R&A knows their business so well that we were able to build a very complicated, award winning, green building, with out one single change order.  For us, this is the first time we have completed a large building without either a change order or a builder’s contingency. 

Little things matter to a client.  I have never seen a cleaner job site.  I have never worked with a better set of subs.  I have never received better attention from a builder-from start to finish and beyond.  The architect, I.M. Pei once observed, “I know I have giving a client a good building when they hire me back for their next project.”  We, indeed, will hire Reid & Associates. 

Andrew Wooden
Head of School
Bosque School
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